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Friday Nov. 16, 2007


78 Officer Candidate School graduates will be deployed

New York State Division of Parole Chairman and Chief Executive Officer George B. Alexander today honored 78 new Parole Officers for completing the Basic School for the New York State Division of Parole during graduation exercises at Proctor’s Theater in Schenectady, N.Y. The ceremony, the largest ever for the Division of Parole, combined graduation honors for two separate recruit classes.

Albany County District Attorney David Soares was the event’s keynote speaker. John Ducksworth, formerly incarcerated in New York, served as a guest speaker.

With the addition of these new officers the force of the New York Division of Parole has been increased to almost 1,300 sworn Peace Officers. The new officers will be assigned to Parole Field and Department of Correctional Services facilities across the state. The newly sworn in officers will report for field duty on Monday, Nov. 19, 2007 and for two weeks will be evaluated under a Field Training Program supervised by Senior Parole Officers.

Chairman Alexander praised the graduates for answering the call to protect their fellow citizens and uphold the highest ideals of law enforcement and public service.

“My sincere gratitude goes to these dedicated men and women who have chosen to dedicate their lives promoting public safety by helping former offenders become successful members of society,” Chairman Alexander said. “As we at the Division of Parole are redoubling our efforts to improve the success rate of those on parole, we welcome the new talented additions who will help us meet our high standards and lofty goals.”

The intensive eight week training program took place at the Senator Hugh T. Farley Regional Law Enforcement Training Academy in Schenectady, New York. The new Parole Officers received training in offender supervision and criminal justice best practices at the state-of-the-art police-training facility.

During training, recruits study Penal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Executive Law, Investigation techniques and Case Work techniques. They are also instructed on Ethics, Community Reentry principles and Diversity and Multicultural awareness.

Additionally, recruits study and practice facility and field operations procedures, self-defense techniques and arrest and custody procedures. Finally, each recruit receives a minimum of 40 hours of firearms training.

Parole Officers Jessica Ciacci, Timothy Braughler, Sherie Goslin and Pamela VanAmburgh were honored as the recipients of the Leroy Drake Memorial Award. The Leroy Drake Award is presented to the graduating recruits who excelled academically at the Parole Officer Candidate School.

Leroy Drake was a Parole Officer for 13 years. He exemplified the highest standards of demeanor and personal conduct, both on and off the job.

Parole Officers Christopher Petrus and Timothy Braughler were honored as the recipients of the Eric Jaworski Memorial Award. This award is presented in Eric Jaworski’s honor to the graduating recruit who exhibits the highest degree of firearm proficiency.

Eric Jaworski was a Parole Officer who worked for the Division for four years. He was an outstanding worker who always gave an extraordinary degree of effort on the job. Eric Jaworski died in April of 1991 after a courageous bout with cancer.

Parole Officers Oni Pendarvis and Timothy Braughler were honored as the recipients of the Chairman’s Achievement Award. The award is presented to the individual who demonstrated the highest level of overall excellence during training. Criteria considered for the award include high academic performance, class participation, knowledge of case-management principles, firearm proficiency and leadership ability.

Parole Officers Libby Black and Luz DeJesus were selected by their fellow graduates as class representatives.

Below is a list of all graduates and their county of residence.



Lukricia Adams

Mario Alexandre

Duane Ancrum

Karol Anderson

Lalvy Bell

Kelly Bigham

Libby Black

Brian Bolden

Wanda Burgos

Jeffrey Bovee

April Campbell

Keila Bowens

Jennifer Celestin

Timothy Braughler

Jessica Ciacci

Lori Breon

Melinda Dixon

Debra Camillo

Karen Folgar

Ronnesia Campbell

Walter Fox

Luz DeJesus

Rabiah Gaynor

Charles Figel

Kiya Gethers

Lawrence Friot

Nicole Gilmore

Trudy Gero

Tiffany Grissom

Sherie Goslin

Tameka Hibbert

Desiree Green-Jackson

Ronda Hicks

Jonathan Halpin

Joy Johnson

Nicole Hamilton

Lucy Jones

Kathy Heading-Smith

LaToya Maturine

Jose Hernandez

Angel Morales

Tiffany Hertel

Jacqueline Morillo

Mary Jenkins

Paul Murphy

Duane Johnson

Brendon Noel

Rosemary Lebarron

Oni Pendarvis

Elizabeth Maldonado

Maleisha Perez

John Martin

Christopher Petrus

Lynne Munger

Katia Pozo

Lori Oropallo

Angie Ramirez

Jennifer Pollman

Rebecca Rodriguez

Robin Rock

Herbert Simon

Persio Rodriguez

Tarji Smith

Trevor Russell

Roxanne Thompson-Young

John Snyder

Simon Valerio

LaSonya Spearman

Timyiaka Waithe

Anita Speller

Yolanda Washington

Sara Stark

Michelle White

Pamela VanAmburgh

Troy Williams

Faith Watson
April Young Bryan Woodworth